Please pay close attention to the instructions for each event to insure that you book your hotel stays properly.  

Also, please pay close attention to the booking deadlines for each event, as the hotel blocks will only be open for a short time.


When committing to an ECP team, parents are also committing to comply with our hotel policy.  Please read all instructions carefully.  Each tournament has different instructions for booking in their block.

  • Please make your reservation promptly.  Room blocks will not be open very long and we will not secure a room for anyone who misses the deadline. Parents who do not make reservations by the deadline are on their own, but players still are REQUIRED to stay in the team hotel. If you lose your room because you don't book on time, the player must make arrangements to stay with a teammate. No exceptions.
  • Deadlines.  Families must book hotels by the deadline, or your entire team risks losing acceptance to the tournament.  The hotel blocks are controlled by hotel booking companies and they will not extend deadlines.  If you miss the deadline, you will have to find a room in the same hotel on your own.  Possibly at a higher rate.
  • Team Privacy.  Do not share hotel information with players outside your team. This page is private to only your team.  Other teams attending the same tournament may have different hotel instructions.
  • All players are required to stay in the team hotel block.  If they do not stay in the hotel block, they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.  No exceptions.
  • If you book outside of the room block, your athlete will not be able to participate in the event and we risk the entire team being expelled from the event.
  • Only ONE room per family.  Please do not book more than one room per family.  No exceptions.
  • Inventory Supply.  Many of the housing programs give several different room types as well as limiting us to the number of rooms that we can initially block.  Therefore, should the block fill and you still need a room, you MUST reach out to the housing company directly to request a room added to the block.  Their contact information is listed in the notes section for each tournament.
  • Stay to Play Policy.  Most multi-day events have a Stay to Play policy and our contracts may have an attrition clause.  Please be sure that your team fills the hotel blocks, so that we avoid any penalties.  We must also be sure that your team fulfills its housing requirement to get accepted to the event.  Failure to book at their hotels can result in a team’s expulsion from the tournament. ECP creates hotel blocks for teams for all of these events.
  • Multi-Day Events.  ECP also does set up hotel blocks for any multi day events that are not considered to be Local Events. As per the ECP Player and Parent Handbook, ECP families are required to stay in the Team Hotel and comply with the hotel policies.
  • Minimum Stay Requirement and Cancellation Policy.  When making your reservation, please take note to the minimum stay requirements and also pay attention to the hotel cancellation policy.
  • Reservations/Deposits. You are just required to give a credit card to hold your room and you will not be charged until closer to the tournament. A few tournaments may ask for a deposit. You will be notified as you are booking when a deposit is required. Read all hotel policies included as you book your rooms.
  • Make notes of your reservations.  Please take notes and keep confirmations on hotel bookings. This is your only guarantee for your room. Do not call us looking for your reservation. We won't have it.

If you have any questions, PLEASE REACH OUT TO  PLEASE NOTE - this is a NEW email.  Also, please always include player name, team name and division in ALL emails so that we are able to help you faster.

Thank You!
Your ECP Travel Team

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